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In the third survey, we loved hearing all the ways that people find ways to carve out time for self care.   We also found through our collective intelligence that nature, meditation and music helps us create calm in our lives, where listening to politics, toxic relationships and mental chatter decreases our calm. 

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When you need to make decisions in your life, which intelligence tends to win out?

How aware are you that you live on a planet?

How important is it to remember we live on a planet that’s part of a larger universe?

Where do you START when you want to increase your sense of calm, life force energy and flow?

What disrupts your sense of calm, life force energy and flow?

What disrupts your sense of calm, life force energy and flow?

What comes more naturally in your life?

What do you do for self-care?

Our full list included great ideas like alone time, personal home spa days, thought field therapy, affirmations, still time and these words of wisdom: 

Remember no matter how alone I may feel, I am never alone.

Remember I am loved and connected to something much greater than myself.


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What was your inner experience during the pulse?

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