Building Islands of Coherence

When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence can shift the entire system to a higher order. — Illya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate

Could communities around the world, synchronized in heart-centered coherence, help catalyze an evolutionary leap for humanity to vibrant health and wholeness with all beings, in which the love of power is eclipsed by the power of love? 


Collective Intelligence is Possible

Each pulse we ask participants to build upon our group wisdom and track our impact. 


We have had responses from 37 countries and growing, come in on the surveys.

Global Coherence Pulse Results Highlights

When we asked what people's inner experience during the pulse was, the most repeated word which came up was "love". Love was mentioned 38 times, peace 32 times - with calm, connection, and joy also coming in loud and clear.  


We enjoyed hearing about all of your heroes. It is a very inspiring list we have put together! 


And we learned that when we are feeling chaotic, "focusing on our heart and breathing" and "taking deep breaths" were our most effective paths to coherence. 

Survey 1

Survey 2

Survey 3


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