Collective Intelligence is Possible

Each pulse we ask participants to build upon our group wisdom and track our impact. 


We have had responses from 37 countries and growing.



The top answer for what helps balance our energy was meditation and being in nature.  In nature, our bodies more easily tune into the Earth's natural frequency and can restore, revitalize, and heal itself more effectively.  7.83 hertz is also the human brain’s average alpha frequency which induces relaxation but not quite meditation — a state where we begin to tap into the wealth of creativity that lies just below our conscious awareness.


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1. What is the activity that you most enjoy to release and balance your energy?

Our top answers in order: 

  1. Meditation 

  2. Being in nature

  3. Breathing

  4. Exercise

  5. Yoga

  6. Gardening


Playing Music, QiGong, Breathing through my heart, Dance

Dancin, Tai chi, Walking on the beach, HeartMath techniques, Being alone, Completing projects, Daily energy balance routine, Deep breathing, Doing art, Empowering others, Petting my cat, Pilates, Playing pickleball, Sharing, Singing, Sitting still, Spirit, Visualization

2. Would you like the Global Coherence Pulse meditations to be longer or shorter?

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2. Who are your favorite female change makers, paving the way toward more coherence in the world?

3. Kimberly Carter Gamble from Thrive.on has suggested that these are some of the top ten ways we can support a thriving world. Have you tried any of these?

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4. Have you ever experienced flow, timelessness or connection to the quantum field while creating art, music, writing or other creative pursuits?

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5. What activity do you do and how would you describe the experience?


Our top answers in order: 

  1. Mediation

  2. Writing

  3. Dance

  4. Art

  5. Music

  6. Contemplation

  7. Gardening

  8. Tai Chi



Dance - time stops.

I'm a gardener, and also musician - and during both those activities I can bring myself into heart coherence. Losing myself in these activities feels like turning my mind to the "off" switch and just being love. Time has a funny way of passing quickly - you look up and it's been three hours. :) The best time of flow, and coherence.

Dance, meditation, music, watching the sky. I feel a connection to something bigger than myself. Something take connects me to my heart and the universal field. I feel a lot of love.

Creating mandalas completely absorbs me in the moment; also when there is a great connection with students I teach and the resulting ideas is total flow.

I wouldn't pin it down to just one activity. It might be literally anything where things are just getting effortlessly and with a great sense of calmness, inner peace and joy.

6. What was your inner experience during the pulse?