Building Islands of Coherence

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4. What was your inner experience during the pulse?

  • Several moments of feeling happy and peaceful.

  • Peace

  • Love and energy sensation in my heart chakra. Awareness of this energy radiating around the planet.

  • I was very moved by today’s Pulse.  Feeling love and gratitude in a profound way.

  • It was a very beautiful and powerful experience. I felt connected to all with my heat. I can feel I am not alone. I love the pulse!

  • Didn’t really notice much change to be truthful.

  • Beauty, truth, and the unconditional love of serene stillness, within which all these coherent fields are finding each other.

  • I wasn’t in it.

  • I haven’t had an experience of the pulse as I was unaware of the existence of this forum.

  • Love

  • Confusion because of no introduction.

  • Calm.

  • I think that councils of light like Pleiadians, Arcturians & Lyrians do telepathy with me since I was a child!

  • Appreciation, curiosity and inspiration.

  • Calm.

  • Vibrating brain which quiets the mind and heart space was exploding with 528.

  • Happiness freedom.

  • I was confused today about when to do it with this event. When I do it on my own, I feel excited to be a part of this. I feel energy and peace.

  • Physical, emotional and mental integrity and coherence.

  • Peace and gratitude.

  • Grateful for experience/evening with 'my tribe'.

  • Hope that a calm centered state is possible under all conditions.

  • Connected.

  • Love hearing Cornflower and Joe Dispenza,. I enjoyed being live connected at the same time through de Global Coherence App, first time using Inner balance technology (greetings from Colombia, South America).

  • When I do heart coherence meditations I feel great.

  • Lovely.

  • Excited and curious.

  • Love fullness.

  • Peaceful.

  • Greater coherence.Feeling of inner peace and feeling more connected to love.

  • Amazing coherence.

  • Gratitude and awe.

  • Calm.

  • I felt in Heart Coherence and loved the vibe, Thankyou :-).

  • Me siento esperanzada y ayudo a dar fuerza.

  • Unity❣️.

  • Happy to be contributing towards collective elevation of frequency.

  • Full.

  • Total bliss.

  • Huge synchronized events around me, healing and connecting with people who I resonate with! Big heart fun!

  • Feeling of connecting with everyone else participating in the pulse and radiating love throughout the universes.

  • Love, unconditional love, bursting with love.

  • Gratitude.

  • Intense inner peace.

  • Calm sprinkled with Joy where before was chaotic despair.

  • I was very happy to reconnect with the community and its energy. I have travelled several times with Resonance team and Nassim. Wonderful to reconnect with that energy and see a few familiar faces.

  • Uplifting.

  • Joyous energy and a new connection with my heart.

  • Happiness.

  • Curiosity.

  • Peaceful, connected, loved.

  • I’ve done three sessions and I always walk away with feelings of love, serenity and hope. During the meditations I am usually “lost” in the experience.

  • I felt deeply connected and very grateful.

  • Love and peace.

  • Hopeful and excited seeing all of these organizations coming together.

  • Gratitude for the intention.

  • Feeling peace.

  • I’m not sure.

  • Love and peace.

  • Did not do it yet.

  • Love that could  expand more.

  • Open heart, no space, no time.

  • Invite new knowledge and remember old one into my field of coherence.

  • I could only feel a profound inner peace.

  • Beautiful, expansion, love, tears, unity, beyond description.

  • Inspired.

  • Calm and gratitude.

  • Ultimate love and joy.

  • Peace.

  • Bliss.

  • Peace.

  • I loved it,

  • I engage in Heart Coherence Meditations but was not part of this specific "pulse" - BTW Where's the global care room for Lebanon?

  • The deepest it has ever been.

  • Overwhelmed with emotion. Tears of joy.

  • Collective peace and love.

  • Relaxation.

  • Love.

  • Love, peace, focus.

  • Supported, open, peaceful.

  • Peace, joy, hope.

  • Em Wave pulse.

  • Total calm and peace.

  • Deep and rich.

  • Feeling connected with others.

  • Peace.

  • It will reveal itself to me, no doubt.

  • JOY!

  • Love and peace.

  • Wholeness, expanding love, unity, radiance, overflowing clear light, peace, joy and delight.

  • Love and gratitude.

  • Definitely the gratitude.

  • Expansion of consciousness.

  • The inner calm I achieve. The music goes right to my soul.

  • Feeling Love, Joy, Experienced Downloads and Connecting other beings of Love High Frequency.

  • I felt peace, harmony, joy and hope for the future of humanity.

  • A Relaxed visualization creating a  receptive and sharing/giving mood. 

  • Expansion of heart and filling with more, amazing.

  • Almost sick from so much energy. Needed to go stand in my stream.

  • Interesting.

  • My coherence using the Global Coherence app and Inner Balance device measured higher than when on my own.

  • Calmness.

  • I feel much peace.

  • Wonderful, I absolutely felt connected via the heart to my fellow humans in all ways, body, mind and soul :) <3 I always come out of the pulses very calm and refreshed.

  • I felt an empathy for my own heart and how unkind I had been to myself. I experienced a lightness (a 'high') for several days after my first PULSE experience.

  • Deep love, joy, happiness.

  • Feeling good.

  • Deeper breathing and more curiosity.

  • Unfortunately I missed it!

  • Peace and feeling supported.

  • Peacefulness.

  • Bliss and joy.

  • Connection.

  • Peace.

  • Of deep forgiveness.

  • I find them to be so helpful to bring me inner peace

  • Very at ease, i was actually tired, so much unexpected heat here, but could really imagine and feel the vibration.

  • I am using Inner Balance app to practice coherence and turned it on during themeditation. Clearly I need more practice. I was more in the incoherent zone. I will keep practicing, though, because I feel an urgent need to develop this skill.

  • Peace and deep love, very connected with the whole Universe.

  • Joy.

  • My heart felt strong and open. My body pulsed the coherent energy, bringing an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude.

  • Calm and expanding.

  • Calm and heartfelt feelings.

  • Powerful coherent uplifting during Gregg's flute meditation.

  • Rich and fulfilling.


  • I am an experienced heart (math) coherence practitioner and found mostly the talks inspirational eg Nassim and Jude.

  • I felt a stronger connection to others.

  • Anticipation.

  • Feeling the healing!

  • Joy.

  • Which pulse? This question is ambiguous. However, during the 2nd session of the 1st day of transmission, when Cornflower was playing his 2nd song, I went into full meltdown. Gregg Braden's lecture was excellent, too.

  • I felt my heart area really open up.

  • Lot’s of tingling and warmth pulsing throughout my body.

  • Peace.

  • Interesting.

  • It was very wonderful.

  • Great.

  • Powerful - had heart tears.

  • Deep state of coherence and gratitude.

  • I felt an abnormally strong sense of energy/tingling and was able to drop in to meditation easily like being pulled by a magnet. And a strong sense of love and nurturing energy.

  • Have not yet.

  • One of Peace and being connected to Divine Loving Intelligence. When I feel that constructiveness I am always moved to tears.

  • Calm serenity.

  • Connection and unity.

  • Feel connection with the group, and feel wonderful energy.

  • Still feel anxious.

  • I'm coherence beginner.

  • Unity Love Peace and Harmony one with everything and everyone.

  • My heart opens when we connect and focus on our heart and connection.

  • A global connection with my body.

  • Connection.

  • An amazing, fulfilling inner love, peace and freedom. Connectedness with my heart and truth. Deeper understanding.

  • I'm still catching up.

  • Sense of being connected, also felt grateful to be able to contribute to this effort.

  • I feel peace and happiness.

  • Connection.

  • Uplifting.

  • Transcendence, joy, goodness.

  • Pure harmonic resonance.

  • My experience with the pulse was the sense of connection and a softening of tension and worry.

  • I felt my Reiki turn on and my bod y buzz in a good way.

  • Peace.

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