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Of the people who filled out the closing survey, more than 1701 people (73%) and counting 

reported they had contact.


Yes 73%            No 27%


What was your contact experience like?


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  • I saw a ship.

  • A small light appeared, zipped past me only 20 feet away. Flashed a couple seconds and disappeared.

  • Thank you for this incredible experience! I had the most incredible experience, so I need to report it to you. I live with my 23 y.o. son in Mexico City, and we did most of daily THC meditations and started yesterday July 13th, the 9 pm meditation, then projected the 1133 code as stated in your guided meditation, then at 11: 30 pm my son went outside at our balcony next to my bedroom to watch. (I was little skeptical to be honest) then it was 11:33 when he started thinking it was hard to see something as the sky was very clouded, and when he was about to come back in, it appeared! He rapidly call at me, he saw a small beautiful orange shape, it glowed in a warm light that my son swears remained suspended for few seconds , until I came out, then it was behind a tree in west to east direction, it was like a triangular shape with a little angle downwards on its bottom, it descended a little in a soft curve and then moved forward!! I started waving at them, as they silently and fast passed in front of us until their light diminished and dissapeared between the clouds, dont know if they went away so fast or if they rapidly cloaked the ship or turned the glow off. This lasted about a minute but changed entirely our life, we were so excited, grateful and in awe of this incredible experience, because most of all we thought it was hard for us to be found and heard
    May this Harmonic Convergence the beginning of the new era of humanity. Please say Hi and warmest regards to Teczjbar from us! - Mexico City

  • On July 3rd in Hamtramack, MI at 9:30 I saw a bright warm orange glowing ship in the sky near the horizon line that I thought was a planet. But it moved in a hovering motion and was much faster then a drone. A lot of fireworks were happening all around us from the rooftop view. We all saw the ship it came closer to us. Then we saw a drone or another kind of ship that wasn't all one soft glowing color. It went under the ship it looked like it was a drone surveying the situation. Then the orange ship completely vanished into the sky as though the sky was black fabric. It vanished into thin air. We were all so amazed no one even got to their phones. We were so amazed that the warm orange ship had visited us when there were so many other colors in the sky. It was a perfect time to make contact. - Evanston, IL USA

  • After the quiet contemplation, at 3:33am, I did not see anything, but the sky was clear so I kept watching and at 3:39am, I thought “where is the music?” As in where can I play Mark’s songs...and instantly there was a streak of light just above a large tree and going down at a steep angle along the edge of the tree.

  • I saw several small black round objects flying by me and out of sight at enormous speed.

  • Saw & photographed an orb.

  • Then lined up north and south. Then went east and west. 

  • Saw an orb/star moving in the sky for 4 seconds.

  • Saw a light during day time hours

  • Last night at the 9pm I saw a light come from nowhere, dip under the fog and stream off.

  • 3 Lights in triangle.

  • Day 1 11:08am PDT while listening to Mark, I spotted a white flying object. It was small, the size of a bird, but it came up to my window and I was able to get video. Posted on the comments for day 1 and on IG @ravinfeather. It's not a traditional looking UFO and the skeptic in me back then shrugged it off. As the event unfolded and I unfolded, I am confident that it was a lightbeing saying Hi. :)

  • A lucid dream, celestial ships in the sky, two different shapes, lighting up green in flashes.

  • They showed up in the form of a bright light that slowly flew over me 3 times, but I could also feel their presence and I also had telepathic contact and a wonderful warm feeling around and in my heart

  • I then played Peace is the word, by Sean McCue, because it was the only one I knew to find, and then the original age of aquarius, halfway through age of aquarius a star / ball of light faded on at 45 degrees due south about 100’ from me and dropped down to 30 degrees and softly faded out.  It was a beautiful warm yellow hue.  Thank you 🙏🏼 Mark, all of the speakers and Unify + production team, this is an amazing movement ❤️"

  • After the 9 pm meditation we were told to focus on 11:33. I had just gotten out of the shower after 11. A had a playlist playing on my phone and it stopped at 11:30. I wasn't planning on looking out into the sky at 11:33 but something told me to. I turned off all the lights in my apartment and looked out my kitchen window. At first there were clouds, then I saw a bright light that emerged from the clouds. Smaller lights started splitting from the large light and soon there were tendrils of small lights, like strings of Christmas lights all around the center. It looked like a starfish and it was big! There was no denying that it was our Star family. It stayed for about a half hour and the lights clustered into a pentagon like shape. I got into the car to find a place where there weren't as many street lights. It was right in front of me. As soon as I put the car into park, it disappeared. Like someone turned off the lights. I guess they didn’t want me to take a picture! Lol.

  • I felt tingling in my head and felt deeply grounded in Source/Beingness after the HU meditation. Physically, I felt an outpouring of love and cried from happiness when I saw so many lights in the sky. It was a wonderful affirmation that we are not alone and our star family is with us. At 2:33am, I saw a short and low shooting start (white light streak) to the NE. Between 2:33 and 3:15am, I saw three planes. All travelled horizontally and didn't land at our local airport. The first two had red and white blinking lights. The last one had two yellow lights side by side that didn't blink. I sent out prayers for universal peace as I watched. In addition, I set out "prasad" (the sanskrit word for a food blessing that I offered the ETs in friendship).  Today, I connected with someone else from our area online who had done the night meditation and vigil. She also noticed the unusually high amount of lights in the sky and saw several planes that all moved horizontally across the sky. I was excited to hear that what I saw was so similar to what she saw, too.

  • Saw lights in the sky; heard "someone" upstairs at night.

  • My family and I saw a glowing object in the sky (which I originally thought was a star) subtly zig zag and then go in circles and stop and this went on for a long time. The movement did not have a pattern, was not a weather balloon and was anomalous from a satellite. I was overjoyed!

  • At 9:33 my doorbell camera caught flashing lights above me following me. I did not see them personally except in the video of me walking off my porch.

  • Seeing a craft definitely leaves you with a sense of confusion and wonder. It sticks like chewing gum in your head for days.  The first night, July 13th at about 10pm PST in Ojai, 40 of us saw a lightship in the distance in the north/west part of the sky. It wasn't a momentary flash, it was visible for over 2 minutes! All of us were screaming with delight. The light intensified and waned as it moved in different directions, and four times it pulsed a super punctuated flash of light. It was mind blowing. We also saw a ship on the other side of the sky in the east. It streak across the sky in a single straight line trajectory for a long distance. It was way faster than a plane or satellite could have moved. 

  • "Many many light ships in the sky .. I have had a huge toroidal spin so I was laying in the sand video taping .. which I was able to focus in on with my iphone8 live videos on FB .. I have video taped before yet this is beyond words .. I have felt deep deep communion with all galactic families now .. not just my embodied in my Pleiadian aspect .. thankful to share my videos and experiences as my feeling is deep.

  • Unexplained activity in the sky.

  • Saw a shooting star on Northern horizon. Saw an unusually bright light move steadily across the sky above me which I believe was either a either a satellite or very high plane. Saw some (3?) flashes of white light, but very short so not really sure if it was was just a star twinkling or something else - seemed brighter than a star.

  • Day 9 9pm PDT mediation: 10:07pm to the NE between Polaris and Cassiopeia, I saw a white light flash. The white light appeared to be traveling to the east. I tried to video, but failed. It flashed a total of 3 times small, then once really bright! 

  • Received direct verbal communication. I realized that I have been, and for the first time was able to distinguish my voice from the transmissions.

  • Not in the sky but right in front of me.

  • Saw lights crossing in the night sky at speed and angle that seemed to match with other sightings. Also had intuitive download which led to artwork portraying extraterrestrials

  • Happened 1 day before the HC started.

  • Like going from a pencil point in the sky to eraser size. Then while not flashing, it disappeared into Cassiopeia.

  • During the 9 PM meditation I was filled with a sense of calm and visuals that included intense fractals. I also saw in my mind eye a bright object traveling through multiple brightly lit spinning vortexes and tunnels. I saw this object make its final approach into a cloudy looking planet. I went outside after contemplation to observe in gratitude and saw an object brighter than any plane, planet or firefly move across the sky. As it moved like a satellite but so bright I went inside shortly after in gratitude and excitement for the next meditation. If it was something, it would come back at 3 am.

  • There were at least 9 Light streaks Across the sky — going different directions and some vertically some horizontally. - Algonquin IL USA

  • Three nights in a row I observed several white lights suddenly appear and then just as quickly disappear. Most of them appeared around Ursa Major and Arcturus. - Canyon Lake, USA

  • At 9 pm my partner and I went outside and began to play the message that Mark produced for the experience. Before we even started the meditation, I had a strong feeling to look towards the milky way. Sure enough, we saw what moved like a satellite but much faster and at a different trajectory than the satellites take. We began to chant the Hu mantra and then another appeared in the same area but was pulsing with a pink light very brightly. Then another pulsing one but white, and another but gold. At that time we saw 6! We were chanting and clutching each others' hands and sending out love and gratitude. At 3 am we saw 4 more. One looked like a golden star and we thought it was a star but then it started to move very swiftly through the sky. It seemed that it pulsed when we waved. Our hearts and minds immediately expanded as we gazed at the planets aligned with the moon. We were so elated that we did not go back to sleep until 7 am. Thank you Mark Sims and the entire Harmonic Convergence movement for this life changing gift! - La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

  • Saw lightship zip through part of sky below cloud cover and 5 flashbulbs. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Lightships phasing in and out.  A lot of them.  Bright flashes.  One or two of them very specifically responded to our consciousness.  As we cheered, thanked them, and expressed our love, they blinked in response.  AMAZING! - Ojai, California

  • Strange lights caught on video in back yard with no possible light source.  Was outside, so no glass reflection.  Only visible on video. - Near Waterloo, Iowa

  • There was a single light that circled around a tree near where I was standing.

  • Reddish pinkish light flickering in top of sky. - Mount Horeb, WI

  • When I was half asleep, between 12 and 3 in my bed, I saw a black disc-like object with a dim white light in the center of it that gradually grew brighter and filled most of the black disc. The light also took on a light bluish color on one side of it as it grew brighter. - Livingston, Montana

  • Orb - Boyne Falls, Michigan

  • I just found out about this today from my aunt. The night of the 13th I was outside in Budapest, HU sky watching. First, we noticed a bright light in the sky, it was Pluto and Jupiter. Next, the moon. We didn't notice it at first, it looked like a half orange moon and large too. Next, we noticed a red light from the sky, it was Mars. It looks like it was glowing. Next, Capella, it took us a while to identify it. It was flashing like alarm lights but too high up for any tower. It was so bright flashing like a disco ball. I learned that it's from light refracting from the star group. Next we saw something as bright as a star, and far away too. Zooming across the sky. I've seen it a few times in Budapest actually. It's not a plain but a fast, light object. No matter how far away it got, it didn't dim the brightness. I saw one more before we left, I'm not sure if it was true or my eyes but it was going towards the brightness near Jupiter and Pluto at its constant pace and then it 'glitched'  like a pinball around and in a different direction. - Budapest, Hungary

  • We saw a big light in front of our door house after the meditation. Then two lights, one after the other crossing over our house from north west towards south east. 

  • Before the meditation it was cloudy. During the meditation the sky opened up, then we saw the lights and the sky became cloudy again. 

  • First we saw a dark shape above us in the clouds in Denver, Colorado but we weren't 100% sure if it was a ship or not. Later on mark on his live was starting to see objects in the sky by mars or mercury and I got a distinct feeling to look at where the line of planets would be and all of a sudden I thought I saw a plane with a headlight on flying from east to west between the moon and the line of where the planets could be seen if the clouds weren't there. But then I realized that the plane was not a plane and its lights changed and were dancing green and red and then flew to the west and disappeared. - Denver, Colorado 

  • I saw a bright object move along in the night sky that  could have been a satellite, but then again maybe not!   The sky had many clouds so wasn’t the best night for star gazing.  It occurred as soon as I settled into my chair and looked up.  I had just finished the HU meditation.

  • As I did so I began to wonder what events had occurred on the exact ground where I lay over the last 10 thousand years! As I was imagining buffalo roaming the tall grasses and summer camps assembling around me I saw a series of blinking lights coming towards me from across the eastern horizon. They appeared on my right side, to the south behind a great spruce tree. 

  • I saw a brilliant point of light in the distance from my airplane window, that remained at the same place in my view for several minutes, despite my airplane moving through the sky. Suddenly, it shot straight upwards at great speed, out of view. Stunned, I wondered what exactly had I seen? Had that been a starship? No sooner than I had that thought, the brilliant point of light reappeared, and repeated the same experience all over again, as if to communicate a reassuring "YES"!! - Pittsburgh PA

  • Saw a very bright object going across the sky fairly fast and low without sound - N. California, USA

  • I am located in Maui* After the 9:00 meditation local time, once I opened my eyes, I saw a comet shoot across the sky. It was an immediate response to my eyes opening. I smiled so big and my heart felt so connected to this moment and this communication. Then for the 3:33 am meditation local time, we had cloud cover...yet I felt this to be a blanket that was sprinkling the finest particles of mist on my face. I felt these were sparkles of light from the cosmos dancing on my skin. I felt such benevolent loving energy all around and surrounding me. Like my soul monad was present with me completely wrapping me in a blanket of unconditional love. I am very much looking forward to tonight's group contact. So much love to you all for coordinating this most incredible celebration of human unity and cosmic unity. I celebrate with you! - Maui, United States

  • I saw three objects in the sky. One larger, two smaller. They were blinking and moving like dancing in the sky so to speak. The smallest one was a slightly different color and it disappeared behind the tree line. Then the other two left as well. I was with a friend luckily so we were able to confirm that we were not imagining them and they could not have been anything else. After the second meditation at 3:00 AM, we did not see anything except 3 shooting stars all within no more than 10 minutes. Getting ready for the final meditation. Hopefully we'll have another sighting. - North Stamford, Connecticut, USA

  • Two distinct "streakers" that zipped underneath the ISS as it passed over head.  Multiple flash bulbs.  (does this qualify as physical??) - Newmarket, ON, Canada 

  • With my wife, after the 3am EDT meditation, we saw two lights going from NW to SE towards the moon. But during the meditation I felt very peaceful and felt a warm sensation of love and deep gratitude. - Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada

  • Last night, at 3:39 am CDT, I saw a simple flash bulb. - Plano, Texas 

  • AMAZING!!! So excited I was able to experience this! I saw 6 ships on the morning of the Global meditation which was amazing for me! - Queens, New York

  • As the blinking lights disappeared behind the tall tree, I arched up my back so that my face was like a sunflower turned straight up towards the heavens. 

  • My new position afforded me room to track, what now seemed to be a large flying craft, with constantly blinking lights. It emerged on the western side of the tree sailing right over my head. 

  • I was in Ojai and witnessed several star ships. - Topanga Canyon, California

  • I felt glistening joy. I had a sighting in Germany after the wall came down of a huge disk in the sky. there it was, there it was gone; thankfully had a witness. - Mount Shasta, CA.

  • I saw a light ship in the sky, it powered up a little bit. It flew over my right side flying north to south. - Arnaudville, Louisiana




  • During the meditation I was suddenly aware that I was not alone.  There was an awareness in my mind and in my body that I can not explain, other than to say that It wasn't just me anymore.

  • It is a feeling of wholeness and of things yet to come, knowing that I have been seen.

  • Day 3 11am meditation: I was able to get to a point during the CE-6 meditation where I saw a breathing/pulsating circular portal in my mind's eye. I associated it with the movie Contact and it was as though I went through it and on the other side I met my star twin. I didn't see her, but I felt her presence. I felt love and connection, oneness, and acceptance. It was beautiful. Thank you.

  • It is a feeling that has remained with me throughout the day today that even though I did not see anything physical, something shifted.

  • Dreaming of different worlds.

  • I connected with my Sisters and Brothers from the Stars.

  • Felt hum or low vibration deepening within me.

  • I’ve felt the feeling of being connected to all the living beings and the cosmos. The overwhelming love and peace that come with joining the higher states of consciousness.

  • It’s weird. Because it’s the first time feeling all together but at the same time it feels so familiar.

  • Communion with all of life and enhances my angelic embodiment of timelessness and eternal now’s.  Thank you Robyn from Maui Hawaii.

  • Vastness becomes a purpose of centered calm knowing. Not doing.... BEING the doing.

  • Speaking and taking action - calmly embodying the presence of the perceived good. Perhaps yet not manifested or embodied by the many.... GRACE!

  • In my late teens, I felt I could and then did astral projection and freaked out that it worked. I was and still am deeply in love with this soul so I have been afraid to go there again......   

  • More and more aware we are moving onwards and up to rejoin our family. If not now, when, because now is the time we have foreseen and have worked for thousands of years to experience.

  • Heart expansion, full of love.

  • I saw a flash of light that lingered for a moment. As I was falling asleep I saw a small light in my mind’s eye that grew into a bright light that seemed to cover my entire head.

  • At 3:33 am I felt tingling on the left side of my head and shoulder. 

  • During the 3 am meditation I had similar but less intense visuals but I was filled with more sense of calm and collection. Gratitude and hope. Upon contemplation I exited to my backyard to look and observe in wonder and thanks. I would stay outside for as long as my tired body could handle. As I was about to go inside I heard the birds awaken in song and the surroundings begin to wake up and saw a brightly lit object, brighter than any star, firefly, planet or plane. I got my camera out as I saw the object move upwards in trajectory as it wrapped around towards the moon and my house I moved to capture a plane near and moving  below the moon blinking as it moves. As the plane passes the object moves downward in trajectory hovering towards the moon and planets. I left the experience elated and excited, but in need of some sleep as the sun was rising.  I have emailed the video to the support team!"

  • Beautiful feeling of oneness and connection to all beings-- on earth and elsewhere.

  • I went to bed still feeling that feeling. I was awaken by my cat being extremely lovey - rubbing on me, walking on me, laying on me, nudging my hand to pet her. It was unusual, and I still felt that tingling.  She wouldn't stop, it must have gone on for 20-30 minutes. I finally gave up trying to sleep and woke up, visited the bathroom, and returned to bed. Looking at the clock, it was 4:07am. She must have been trying to wake me at 3:33am and I missed it. Alarm was set for PM. :( I still feel I had a positive experience.

  • After last night’s meditation I became very emotional. I sat in silence and began to weep as the word Family repeated over and over in my head.

  • After I went to bed. I woke suddenly at 4 AM, which I never do, and shot out of bed. I felt something but wasn’t sure what it was. I tried to go back to bed but was unable to do so for at least an hour. I tossed and turned for the rest of the night. - Escondido USA

  • I felt warm and centered, - Washington DC

  • My fears, joys, boredom, excitement, are experienced on some level by everything and everyone in existence. I also feel theirs. - Santa Rosa, CA

  • I started shaking a lot for more than 20 minutes and crying. - Gold Coast - Australia

  • Thank you for these beautiful event! Beautiful connection 🙏 - Saint Jerome - Canada

  • I felt someone by my bed touching me for a few minutes. And heard them say, “it’s ok, go to sleep”. I felt a calmness and then I was out. - Roseburg (Green) 

  • A complete altering of my energy, also a huge sense of peace within. - Nutley, New Jersey

  • Electrical sensation. - Whiting USA

  • Hunkering down into my bag, as it was a cool night, I found myself looking up to the night sky.  I said to the stars: “Greetings Star People!”

  • As I took a short nap I fell into a very deep sleep and then I saw pages and pages maybe the Akashic, but it was too fast and overlapping. - Endeavor, Wisconsin

  • I studied the stars for a bit looking for signs of movement. All was still, with barely a twinkle.

  • I feel like a lot of us are Star Family, so not really looking with eyes outside... can feel the universe embodied... we are here. - Marahau, New Zealand

  • Deep feeling of love and connectedness.  

  • I felt my heart opening. I felt that I was being told to practice forgiveness at every moment possible to raise my vibration.  A friend of mine saw an almost transparent being in her hallway 2 days before I told her about your program.  At 3:00 last night her broken TV started working again and woke her up.  Another friend, who is psychic, was awakened at 3:33 am every morning the previous week, and when I told her about the Hu meditation and the times we were supposed to meditate, she knew she and her husband should participate.  My niece, who is psychic, went outside to do the Hu meditation at 9pm and a man was going through the garbage and she called the police, so that interfered with her meditation but I told her "the try" was important. Have not spoken to the others I told about this.  No light ships reported yet.  I feel that the other in my group of friends each contributed to the welcoming and the raising of the vibrations in themselves and the planet.  Thank you for this opportunity to be of service! Love and Peace! - St. Petersburg, Florida

  • As it approached I could see three lights — 2 were red and the 1 in the centre was green. Thinking it was an airplane I tried to remember if I had ever seen that light configuration on the front of a plane. I decided no and as I did so, I heard it thunder in the heavens. The sound came from the light craft as it appeared to advance straight into the tree of life...

  • It was the wind whipping up and around me and my wind chimes joined in the chorus. After the chanting was done the wind quieted back down. Also coming back into the house I just did not feel alone. I stayed up for awhile and watched some Star Trek, then went to bed. I was very tired and went right to sleep. I don’t often remember dreams but I had a nightmare that I was being swallowed by a crocodile. That wasn’t good. - Midland, Texas

  • Right before 3am on July 14, I experienced something/someone coming into my awareness in a very powerful, healing, loving way, and I began to cry and ask for help for planet Earth, because we cannot do it alone. And today (July 14), my body feels really different in a way that I can't really describe....just different! - Kea'au, Hawaii

  • Unforseen income from numerous sources, resolve in several challenges. - Myerstown, Pennsylvania

  • Then I began to do, as I have done lately, to call in the ancestors of the Blackfoot people, who have inhabited the land where I reside for thousands of years in order to give thanks for the blessing of being “camped” out on their sacred Homelands in these times…

  • We felt big head ETs in their etheric bodies, surrounded by a blue light. They came close to us and gave us Reiki. Gold Coast, Australia

  • I was lying with my feet oriented to the east, my head to the west. I was below and behind my beehive, which was in my field of vision, on my left and to the north of my body.  I had just completed 20 minutes of chanting, adding my own mantra over the CE6 soundtrack which just happened to match the length of a hu very closely and I was pleased with myself. I felt that I had found a new Resonant voice. A thin Crescent of the Moon which was wrapped in a bit of cloud was also in the night sky. It was about 3:30 am MST. 

  • I was brought out to the Panorama of sky and was immediately in site of geometric shapes that were highlighted in the sky. The middle shape melody mind as I lost body density. I became ethereal and then was downloaded with frequency that were continual! I was standing when this started and when I came back I was laying. Time lapse was 2:12 minutes. I thought it had been 10 or 15. - Neveda County, California

  • I set my alarm for 3:00AM. I fell asleep and had a dream that  they had calm and the sky was filled with light. On the Baja coast we have fog. In the dream the light filled the clouds. I was amazed to calling to others, Look, Look. Then they changed the swirling clouds to beautiful violet in all shades. Then the alarm woke me up. It was  obvious to me I had already been visited. - La Mision, Baja California, Mexico

  • Connection with a higher vibrational consciousness presence / entity. Minneapolis, MN USA

  • I could hear the chanting of "Hu" for some hours after our meditation was over, subtly but present, both outside and inside. - Pownal, Maine

  • ‘Saw’ translucent faces, felt uplifted, tingling sensations, very much openhearted. - Hughesdale, Melbourne, Australia

  • My mind’s eye felt activated. My forehead keeps itching. I will also hear noises of this falling or a someone walking with their hand dragging across the wall. - Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

  • I was lying down on the earth in a down sleeping bag, on my yoga mat, in my back yard, which is situated in the heart of the Blackfoot homelands on Turtle Island. I was staring up at the sky which was full of stars. I was lying with my feet oriented to the east, my head to the west. I was below and behind my beehive, which was in my field of vision, on my left and to the north of my body.  I had just completed 20 minutes of chanting, adding my own mantra over the CE6 soundtrack which just happened to match the length of a hu very closely and I was pleased with myself. I felt that I had found a new Resonant voice. A thin Crescent of the Moon which was wrapped in a bit of cloud was also in the night sky. It was about 3:30 am MST. Hunkering down into my bag, as it was a cool night, I found myself looking up to the night sky.  I said to the stars: “Greetings Star People!” I studied the stars for a bit looking for signs of movement. All was still, with barely a twinkle. Then I began to do, as I have done lately, to call in the ancestors of the Blackfoot people, Who Have inhabited the land where I reside for thousands of years in order to give thanks for the blessing of being “camped” out on their sacred Homelands in these times. As I did so I began to wonder what events had occurred on the exact ground where I lay over the last 10 thousand years! As I was imagining buffalo roaming the tall grasses and summer camps assembling around me I saw a series of blinking lights coming towards me from across the eastern horizon. They appeared on my right side, to the south behind a great spruce tree. As it approached I could see three lights — 2 were red and the 1 in the centre was green. Thinking it was an airplane I tried to remember if I had ever seen that light configuration on the front of a plane. I decided no and as I did so, I heard it thunder in the heavens. The sound came from the light craft as it appeared to advance straight into the tree of life. As the blinking lights  disappeared behind the tall tree, I arched up my back so that my face was like a sunflower turned straight up towards the heavens. My new position afforded me room to track, what now seemed to be a large flying craft, with constantly blinking lights.  It emerged on the western side of the tree sailing right over my head. Just as it began to disappear into the West towards the Rocky Mountains, what the Blackfoot call the “backbone of the world” I heard two more thunder claps in the distance which I also then knew to come from the blinking lights.  The sounds reminded me of the thunder bird and the thunder beings that are a part of the Blackfoot cosmology. It’s fast moving, blinking lights left me alone beneath the stars shining brightly in the black sky. I then watched in awe as two stars In the centre of my vision began to dance towards one another and then away again...repeating these moves several times before settling into cosmic quiet and stillness.  This experience left me filled with Immense gratitude towards the being Mark calls Tezbar, towards Mark for holding the vision of harmonic convergence 2020 and for Pacal Votan and the Red Queen whom I met in Brasilia in 2003. I also gave thanks for the birth of my daughter who was born 33 years ago during the last year of the Harmonic Convergence and to all my sisters and brothers around the world who participated in the hu meditation that helped to call in this Cosmic visitation to be experienced through my eyes and ears :)  In Lak’ ech. - Blackfoot Territory, Southern ALBERTA, Canada

  • Another meditation I saw colors on my right side. I held out my hand and it got warm. I felt like someone was holding my hand. It also felt like love. - Baton Rouge, La

  • Im not sure if it was a down but my body became very heavy. I think I could move but didn't want to. 

  • I felt a very high frequency energy all over my body. Intense warmth in my heart filled with love and a universal feeling of support, upliftment and deep contentment and peace. - México City, México

  • In meditation, I felt presence. A collective if loving beings. - Muskegon, Michigan USA

  • For the past couple of days I’ve been feeling off. Like something different was happening to me. I started seeing repeat numbers. I also noticed that I kept seeing the color yellow. I went out tonight. I saw the stars were very bright. Then, I heard a swooshing sound. It was followed by the sound of a helicopter. I did not see a helicopter.... nor the origin of the swooshing sound. - Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA

  • On July 3rd in Hamtramack, MI at 9:30 I saw a bright warm orange glowing ship in the sky near the horizon line that I thought was a planet. But it moved in a hovering motion and was much faster than a drone. A lot of fireworks were happening all around us from the rooftop view. We all saw the ship as it came closer to us. Then we saw a drone or another kind of ship that wasn't all one soft glowing color. It went under the ship and it looked like it was a drone surveying the situation. Then the orange ship completely vanished into the sky as though the sky was black fabric. It vanished into thin air. We were all so amazed no one even got to their phones. We were so amazed that the warm orange ship had visited us when there were so many other colors in the sky. It was a perfect time to make contact. - Evanston, IL USA

  • I saw a flattish triangle of three lights, with a smaller one up higher. It was moving very slowly, as if it was hovering over the house. I saw it last night, too, but I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. But tonight it was relatively near where it was last night, but not the same place. That's how I know it was real! - Cotacachi, Ecuador

  • I saw something that looked like a dim red twinkling star. It moved very quickly around in the sky. It would fall down and then go back up. It seemed almost playful. The place in the sky it was in,  kept looking on and off. - Eagle Rock, CA

  • I just finished the final live meditation with Mark and you all. I saw what looked like a very bright stard rise out of the south and head across the sky toward the north-east. After I first noticed I heard you all exclaim that you were seeing it too! That was very exciting for me. I know I’ve seen things like this before as a child but never knew what it was. By the way I am on the southern Oregon coast so we are in the same time zone and pretty much seeing the same sky. Thank you mark and everyone involved for this wonderful 10 days. It was a joy to experience this with you all, I hope there will be more in the future. Sending love and heart coherence. - Port Orford OR USA

  • Two bright lights travelled across the sky on opposite sides to each other. One was quite close and travelled quickly across the sky into the distance. The other travelled slowly and then hovered in one place for a long time and then disappeared. - London, UK

  • I teared when I saw the one big flash.....but when there was 7 light flashes in a line...(one ship flashing 7 times I lost it.... felt so much love ...they cared enough to flash at me... it was very obvious... that was on the 13th, - Little River South Carolina.

  • I saw BRIGHT flashing lights its was like a strobe on and on real fast happened twice much brighter than a star! - Omak, Wa. USA

  • It was around 11:15 pm in Colorado. My grandson and I saw 4 or 5 star ships in the sky to the East of our city.. At first we just saw 3 that were moving in a circular motion, one after the other. Then another one flew into view and moved quickly left to right and back again.  Since they were moving in unusual patterns, we know they were not airplanes.  We both also had the sense of a playful, happy feeling coming from them. They were there to say 'Hi.'  They started moving in different directions, and I think a 5th one joined the others.  There was a lot of movement that we had a bit of trouble keeping up with. They were each moving in different directions and back again. After about 10 minutes or so, they just winked out.  We were astounded and thrilled! Unfortunately, I didn't have anything I could use to record it. - Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

  • We saw a black triangular shape with lights at each corner. It was slowly moving right and left for over an hour. - Roanoke, VA USA

  • I  wanted to mention that since I have been meditating with the HU's I have been making better choices in my life.(much to my daughter's surprise!)  We may  look for the "big kahuna" and might miss how things are falling in place for us. From the  CE5 documentary... a comment from  a person in  a contact group saying "things just get better afterward".  Cool stuff..happens from the inside out .   I love the question someone had for Mark that "is it perceivable that a contactee may in fact be witnessing their higher selves from other dimensions when they see the lights...or ETS".  He said yes, there's nothing more profound than that.   Thanks for listening!

  • Great warmth and union and purpose on the 13th at 9 and 14th at 3AM.  I also witnessed a continuing clearing in the marine layer directly overhead that persisted locally in spite of the clouds moving by around it due to the wind. Then after the meditation at 9 on the 14th after and ecstatic feeling listening to Mark speak about Sherwin Wine...I literally felt I was listening to something as powerful as The Sermon On The Mount but perfectly appropriate for right now.  It was amazing!  I had extreme synchronicity because I had just spoken to the singer of a Humanistic Jewish Congregation where I have been a musician...we were just talking about recording the High Holidays Music with many of the text interpretations by Sherwin Wine who founded the Congregation!  It was shockingly synchronistic.  After the meditation during the 5 minute contemplation I looked up in the sky and saw an orange red non flashing light moving very deliberately across the sky in North Park, San Diego.  It was silent even though it was moving very quickly across the sky...any jet would have definitely made a sound.  Plus the light was not an aviation standard color.  I was on Catalina Island in 1987 for the Convergence.  This was a powerful reminder of who I can be when I'm focussed on the highest aspirations!  Thank You for doing this, Mark!  And give my gratitude to Rabbi Wine. - San Diego, California




  • I  was stuck in different reality and did not want to  wake up, they said i had to go back for now but they would come back.

  • During the first round of huing I did not see, but I had an idea that a tall human looking being was facing me to my right about 8’ feet away.  He had long dark hair, a full beard and had a robe that was red on the outside and white on the inside.  I may have just imagined this but have no idea where the image came.  I acknowledged and welcomed the being and then I felt warm energy waves in my chest.

  • 2 am I was asleep, I felt myself begin to float off my bed and I heard the voices of the pleiadians speak to me though I no longer recall what they said.

  • Voice speaking to me calmly, saying give away your fears - everything is going to be alright. - SW Florida

  • I traveled to Andromeda and was met by several types of ETs. - Atlanta, Georgia

  • In my mind’s eye I saw a short friendly fellow with bright eyes and cracked leathery skin just for a flash while chanting Hu. The following day when I just finished the meditation, my 95 year old mother said to me "who is that behind you"?. I turned around and saw no one. She said "Oh he just disappeared. I asked her what he looked like she said " well he looked like an alien. - Phoenix, AZ

  • As I didn't call out to this being, it just appeared. It was just a glimpse of a Neiben type being. - Whittier, NC, US

  • I've been tingling and having so many synchronicities since the Harmonic Convergence began. I've seen a slow moving triangle craft across the skyline of Chicago long ago. A few years ago, before bed, I asked my ET hybrid child to visit me in my dreams. I saw a 4 foot tall blue ET girl with auburn hair. Standing behind her was an 8 foot tall being dressed in black, who's face couldn't be seen. I felt she was my hybrid starchild and the tall being was her protector. Unfortunately, I was so startled, I awoke and they disappeared by then. - Los Angeles, California

  • I woke up with no alarm just after 3:30am after having done the HU at 9pm. I saw beings in my room in the ether, a male and a female. The female was like Gaia, made from earth, with rolling hills moving about her body. The male resembled a genie. I also saw a red pouch with a gold cross. - Sacramento, California

  • In my mind's eye I saw someone smile and say "We are here". - New Zealand

  • I felt a collective of beings nearby. I could feel their compassion and willingness to assist. - Muskegon, Michigan, USA

  • I saw a tall whitish man that was wearing a white robe. - Madison, WI  USA

  • I have been interacting for almost a decade. I was introduced to the concept of lightship for some races being an aspect of being projection as opposed to physical ships.  A year ago, I saw a physical ship over my house, triangular, like made of sparkling crystal. Shortly afterward, I bought a tibetan crystal that looked just like it. Last night, I was moved to use that crystal as I sat in bed & found my room filled with light beings that vibrated like the crystal & the ship, which gave me some new information about the 5D star astrology I am currently working on. - Cape Cod, USA

  • I saw a UFO starship in the night sky on Monday around 10pm. - Landers Ca

  • I've been seeing foreign flying insects that glow or sparkle in the light. I also feel a presence at night, like I am being visited. - San Jose, California, USA

  • There was a presence. I could both see in my mind’s eye and feel a very large being present in the field. A great sense of ease came to me while they were present. - Portland, Oregon, USA

  • During Hu's after silence I saw a giant eye/ eyelashes that stared back at me. Then there was a small laser like dot of light that started glowing and connected with me. It seemed to last about 3 minutes. - Bertrand, Missouri, USA

  • A second episode occurred where I felt loved and they said “we know you”.  I burst into tears." Denver, CO

  • I was so concerned over missing the 3:30 timeline. I laid down and fell asleep about 12:30. I woke at 1:30 and laid my head back down. I was wakened at 2:30. When I opened my eyes I saw an alien arm reaching out to me about 5 inches away from my face. I closed my eyes, reopened and the vision was gone.  Not sure if there is anything to it, but I will be trying again tonight. - Montrose, CO

  • I was laying in bed and I looked up at the ceiling.... And saw shadows that depicted a Christ-like face... With his beautiful lips....Smiling at me! - Los Angeles, California, USA

  • From about halfway I began having light swirling behind my eyes as I continued to HU. I began catching glimpses of faces, including non human ones and the distinct awareness of the presence of beings, full of compassion and familiarity. Near the end of the meditation I began to weep in the sheer open hearted joy of the sense of reunion and gratitude. - Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan

  • I saw a light being no face just light glowing of ENERGY strings with wings just bursting with LOVEEEEE ENERGY 🥰❤ - Miami Florida USA

  • I already put most of what I experienced then it went off. I wanted to add that I got the definite sense / communication that there was an observation of me and my ability to be able to handle what kind of communication would come to me. There was a sensitivity and a gentleness to proceed in communication that will allow me to ease into further contact. So I am not finished communication with these beings, and an assurance that I am not alone, I am loved and supported and there will be continual contact and assistance as I am able. - Southern Oregon, USA

  • I watched a bright star give a flash above a small star. It stayed bright throughout the joyful music then when HC signed off it grew dim. But all the while I let the Star know that I loved them. - Sacramento Calif. U.S.

  • Light forms and presences. Flash bulbs. And there was also a few minutes later a big huge glow of light shining through the clouds and zipping erratically around but staying behind the cloud so we could only see the glow of light. - Karitane, New Zealand

  • Glo like worm, veiled forms or spirits alongside. Bristol, CT.

  • There was a heavy pressure immediately then I was with my thoughts after that.  I could see my thoughts more clearly than ever. - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

  • I felt a surge of love at my heart. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Walked out of my back door at 3:35 am July 14 and there was a heart formation around the moon....stunning....it disappeared in about a minute and a half. Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

  • Q sound started coming out what seemed like by itself.  At first I took four breaths to keep up with the meditation by the end I could stay with it with only one breath without effort.  Lots of energy tingling in my body a strong pull in my jaw then a release. - Carlsbad, California, USA

  • Right before meditation, a bright orange light began to pulse in the starless sky and I was able to watch it from my window for about 2 minutes before it flew away and disappeared. Several minutes after that, the moon showed up in bright white and I have not seen the moon in that spot for a very long time. I watched it until sunrise. It is 2am here and I’ve been watching all night but the moon has yet to show herself. For the first time ever today I was able to channel messages from the galactic federation. - Lagos, Nigeria

  • Peaceful, relaxed, excited. Thrilled. Ecstasy. - Plano, Tx

  • In the 3:00am meditation, I saw what my mind thought was meteor(s, yet were going in different directions. I felt my crown chakra and 3rd eye expand. I felt calm peace come over me. I had my iPad, and all was quiet and all the sudden Siri came on and said how may I help you. I turned it off, yet then wondered was I just being communicated to with that technology, and did I miss an experience. I didn't want it to distract me from having my idea of what would be the communication. - Southern Oregon, USA

  • From any time previous or just now? Vague instructions. - Orlando, Florida

  • Warmth in heart chakra.  Facial tingling. - Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Very peaceful, positive, enlightening.- Austin, Texas

  • Love. - Loveland, Co

  • Very peaceful and then my heart chakra was blown wide open with so much love flowing that it cost me to have happy tears. - Portland Oregon USA

  • Coś Niesamowitego, nie ma ludzki słów na to.  Something Amazing, there are no human words for it. - Poland

  • It came to me in a dream, light ships in the sky and I thought they are here. There were many ships disc shape with halo type rings around them. - UK Northern England

  • Waves sound and movement. - Allahabad India

  • I live in Australia. It was daytime at exactly starting. I had a lot of tingling pressure around my head. - Australia

  • Having awareness of some events in dreams. - Chandigarh,  India

  • Felt a communion when In meditation. - Las Vegas NV. USA

  • My boyfriend and I were doing the meditation outside in a quiet space. When we started dropping into the chant, a strange noise came from the bushes. It was like a bird flapping its wings but also clicking almost like a rattlesnake. I’ve never heard anything like it. The wind picked up and we both felt a powerful presence - so much that we got scared and moved to a different spot.  As we got back into the meditation, the same noise followed us and this time was louder and closer. It was hard not to be afraid. But what was interesting is that once our energy switched to fear, the noise stopped. Then we would calm ourselves and come back to love, the noise would return. I feel it was definitely an extraterrestrial being. It almost felt like it was testing to see how ready we were to experience it.  It met us where we were at and didn’t want to scare us. But it let us know we are not alone. - Laguna Beach, California, USA 

  • I felt feline energy in the apartment, even though there are no cats living in the place.  Through the night, I was occasionally awakened by beings moving through my bedroom. - Prescott, Arizona USA

  • 2 Humanoid shaped shadows in room that swayed. Sharp whistle. Thrumming sound. Sparkly lights. Bright light. - Pucón, Chile

  • A person/shape by the side of the road while driving at 4:30am. - Anamosa, Iowa, USA

  • I'm pretty sure it was just animals, but there seemed to be a lot out and felt very still besides the life that was around me. - St. George, United States

  • Star family were in Glastonbury, England on the 14th. - Glastonbury, England

  • July-13: Woke up out of a dead sleep at 4:30 AM with the feeling that something was there. To be honest .... it spooked me and I actually said "please don't scare me" out loud.  Shortly thereafter I just felt peace. - Dallas, Texas, USA

  • A green neon color being, face feature looks like an ant, and I asked the being to help Earth to help humanity, Star being gave message to open heart more and joyfulness. - Hong Kong 

  • I felt the presence of other beings. I could sense them in the sky. I asked ahead of time for them to signal me with flashes. I didn’t know if anything wouldn’t happen. And when I started letting go I kept getting flashes in direct connection to my thoughts. - Canyonville, Oregon, USA




  • I photographed hundreds of orbs is San Francisco Calif. from my back yard, some of them in my backyard. I also photographed a tiny light entity. It was extremely overcast and I couldn't see them without a flash when I took the picture.

  • I've been getting messages for months now. I've seen a UFO with my boyfriend once last month for the first time and then a week ago I saw some other anomaly that I saw in a fog covered sky. It was a spot that looked a little lit up and I saw dark patterns flip around themselves. Diamond shapes or sometimes patches. My Mom and her Husband saw them too.

  • I saw some lights rushing across a daylight blue sky in Germany together with my most beloved Mother in the beginning of this decade, around 2010/2012. Much later I saw a fleet rushing across the night sky simultaneously with my sweetheart about two years ago. He was finally convinced about what I have talked about for a long time. Then I had a lucid dream where a disc like star ship approached in the middle of the night and came really close to my kitchen window, where I typically sit 24/7 and I saw it as a silver disc with a circular arrangement of green flashing light turning along a beautiful red ring of light. In my dream reality I rushed downstairs to make contact - but the ship moved on. Later in the next year, about 2018 I saw a bright light sitting stationary hovering high in the sky above the roof top of the houses right in front of my kitchen window, again at night. I recorded it on my I Pad but the resolution turned out very bad...

  • At least 5 short stocky people with no noticeable face, eyes or nose holes no mouth opening. They landed on my back porch roof. The electra glide door turned into a smooth ramp and they came out, one at a time, anti gravity walked up the side of the house and came in thru the upper window which was pulled down to let air in thru the good screen  that was there. They then, one at a time, anti-gravity walked down the inside to the bed, where upon each took 1st step on the edge of the bed which rocked me sharply in that direction with next step right in the middle of stomach, pushing all the breath out of me quickly but not painfully. It was at this time that I marveled the fact that I had not ran down the hall screaming MOMMY DADDY, like every other situation of unusual circumstance, and then the next one stepped in my middle and so on and each one continuing with anti-gravity walking right on over the side of the bed and then under the bed.  Then I began to wonder about the screen over the open window, so I stretched up to see the tear or hole in the screen, but no hole. Then I noticed very bright lights flashing under the side of the bed like welding was going on, so, I went to lean over and look under there to see what they were doing and the thought of " that isn't any of your business" came to my mind and it was then that I had the first little feeling of being scary, just a little. So I leaned back on to my pillow, that's when they started back up out of under the bed. 1st step on the edge next in my stomach and so on until they were all back in the ship - still no hole in the screen. That’s the abrupt end of the memory. I was 9 nearly 10, the ship was like a saucer, no fire or lights and no sounds.

  • I saw two UFO’s following Monday nights 9 pm meditation. One was a bright red blinking light that moved very quickly across the sky - much too fast for an airplane or helicopter. A couple hours later I saw a very tiny light very high up in the atmosphere. At first I thought it was a satellite, but then it fluoresced brightly before zig zagging fast across the sky. This happened a couple times. The third time it stayed bright, accelerated across the sky and disappeared.

  • Day 6 11pm PDT Meditation: This was the first 11pm meditation I had attended (as it was finally a weekend!) After the meditation at 11:33pm I saw a flash to the SE, but it was a plane and I was disappointed. However, I checked the time and it was still 11:33pm, so I waited and to the NE, still while the plane was in the sky, I saw a white light flash. Thinking it might be another plane, I waited. There was a long pause with nothing visible in the area, and then a second white flash! I kept watching the area and nothing - the light disappeared. The 2 flashes were enough for me!


  • Flashes of light, especially when I've asked them to show themselves. Small lights moving rapidly together.  Different types of crafts, like bubbles, cigar shapes with light round the edges, small rapid moving cloud-like objects. The best one was 20 years ago, a huge triangular mat-black craft about 100 feet above my home. - Hertfordshire, UK

  • I’ve had many contact experiences...Mostly vague scattershot montage like images...Tonight my memory stretched them out sequentially. - Point Richmond, Ca.

  • Day 9-10: After the 9pm mediation and sighting (yay) I prepared to get some shut eye before 3am. I felt tingly all over! It felt like there was a presence near me as I walked around the house. It was a little scary, but I tried to stay in love.

  • I have had at least five separate occurrences of seeing an ET face in my mind’s eye as I come out of meditation or out of a short nap.  Sometimes it appeared as a “Grey” type being, but I’ve also seen a beautiful female with long blonde hair.  I’ve seen other beings too that I can’t recall in much detail, but I remember that they were atypical in that they weren’t the “Greys” nor were they human looking.  I welcomed them all, sent them LOVE and invited them to stay and communicate.  - Montreal, Canada

  • My 1st was when I was 14, and there were several, starting with light being, then greys (I think 2 types of greys). Last "night" at 3:39 am CDT, I had a simple flash bulb. - Plano, Texas

  • I don't know who to talk to about this psychedelic experience that I had a few years ago. We thought we were taking 1 hit of LSD, but it turned out to be 12. At some point, I stood up and passed out. When I passed out, my consciousness zoomed out through the galaxy at the speed of light and I woke up briefly with people?, beings? surrounding me and I overheard someone say "give her another chance" and then I zoomed back out through the galaxy back to my body. Has anyone had a similar experience to this? I have been trying to make it out for a few years but have never been able to talk to anyone about it. - Colorado

  • On the 2nd of July 2020 I took a nap and I dreamt  I was on earth and suddenly my body was pulled out of space. I got very scared but I kind of knew what it was so I reassured myself and kept saying in my mind I trust you. (I was dreaming but I could choose my action my thoughts) then from space I went right away to a planet only full of ice. As I was looking around I think I saw some “people dining” then suddenly I felt  something  entering my body, Some cold air coming in my mouth. I got very scared and wanted to wake up. Since then I can reach a sense of calmness I couldn’t before. My third eye is very open, my meditation deep. I think it was something related to Neptune is that’s possible. I am a singer musician and I used to think I saw music in the color blue. My first artist name was mermaid. Then the night before day of HC2020, I started seeing the color deep blue and red sometimes but mainly blue. Everyday and night.  And on the 8th day, as I was shifting to a sleep state or shifting dimensions or something, I felt my body lifted, (eyes closed) then spinning a bit, upside down and right left. I felt Tinkles in  all my body and suddenly my legs were opened wide (I got scared about that honesty if you can advise or reassure me) I had visions I couldn’t make sense of really. Some presence around my body, whitish light and then I was at a white desk in front of a computer and I woke up. I didn’t feel more different after this one. On the night before, day 7 night, me and 4 other girls we went away for contact in nature and during meditation CE-5 we felt all floating in space. It was raining the midst got denser and denser. Lower above our heads. Tokyo and Japan.


What did you experience?