Do you spend more time during the day checking out (on autopilot, working too much, too much TV, substance dependance), or checking in (being present, mindfulness, meditation, deep listening, self care)?


What have been the best tools, podcasts, classes, books, rituals, musicians, programs and thought leaders who have helped you face your shadow?


  • Mantra meditation (2)

  • Meditation 

  • Mindful Meditation 

  • Buddhist teachings

  • Sleep

  • Chakra videos on YouTube

  • My children

  • EFT

  • Music

  • Raising my frequency

  • Singing

  • Walk in the wild

  • Respect all beings

  • Books (2)

  • Look at the sky

  • Yoga (2)

  • Reading spiritual books

  • Psilocybin mushrooms

  • AA 12 step program

  • Suffering 

  • Life challenges

  • Elders/Ancestors

  • Being a creator of art & music ceremony

  • Personal art practice

  • Honopononopono

  • Isochronic tones

  • Nuero linquistic programing NLP 

  • Mirror work

  • Shared ritual

  • Prayer of the heart

  • Woman moontime rituals

  • Sit spot practice

  • Wim Hoff breathwork


Gurdjieff ‘s - The Fourth Way

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

Scott Peck - Road Less Travelled

Maria Szepes -The Red Lion

Dr Joe Dispensa - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Ouspensky -In Search of Miraculous




  • Lee Harris

  • Richard Rudd

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

  • Inelia Benz Interview with an Angel/ Alien

  • Dr Brene Brown

  • Matt Kahn 

  • Yaima (artist)

  • Nahko

  • Deya Dova

  • Deva Premal

  • Dr Margaret Paul

  • Arvo Part 

  • Jean Luc Ponty 

  • Gurdjieff -DeSalzmann 

  • Dr Joe’s meditation

  • H.H. Gurudev 

  • Gabor Mate

  • Pia Melody

  • Jordan Peterson

  • Depak Chopra

  • Pema Chodron

  • Karen Armstrong 

  • Jean Houston

  • Cheryl Ford

  • Ken Wilber 

  • Carl Jung

  • Roberto Assagioli

  • Caroline Myss

  • Colin Tipping


Angels and Awakening podcast with Julie Jancius



Inelia Benz - Ascension 101

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's SKY meditation 



Matt Kahn 



Art of Living Foundation



I began to meditate 6 yrs. ago and paid special attention to where my mind was at throughout the day and focused on being present. I’ve always had a sense of something more. I was different than my peers and my closest friends around me. I saw it and I felt it. I wasn’t until I entered adulthood that I was free to explore and discover what and why I felt this way throughout my life. My purpose here reveals itself to me in so many ways and the events are vast in nature! Loving every minute of it! Sending all I have to all of you and to the universe!


Sometimes the most enlightening experience is not the one you have leisure to examine through the pages of scholarly writing, nor one you can prepare for or reflect upon sometime later. The adversity I have lived through has brought to my attention many things I would need to learn there and then, which coherently touched the ripples in new and very interesting ways. Empirical and subjective, fortunately for me, have been along similar lines.


Sleep for one helps control my stress, certain music helps me feel emotions better, and just trying my best to bring out positive thinking everyday.


Today, the sources are plentiful, but one needs to chose out of that place inside given us from the ‘get-go’ and Trust in that Divine Guidance for direction. I have already stated that writing about my dreams gives me undeniable clues to follow, and following intuitive nudges also helps tremendously. There are teachers to be found in the most unconventional places, but you must stay open to receive, and be courageous enough to learn.


The best way to face your shadow is:

chart (6).png

What do you think?