True or False: We are entering a period of global peace and collaboration.

True 73%

False 4%

Not Sure 23%

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If you could give an organization, person, band or company an award to tell them how much you appreciate them for their conscious and loving leadership at this time who would you give it to and why?


  • Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton Because they help people to believe in themselves and understand that our thoughts create our reality. 

  • I would give it to my friend Dex and thank him for saving my life when I saw no purpose in it

  • Susan Komen Foundation

  • I can't pick anyone, everyone and everything I come in contact with, every animal, plant, situation and person is a leader to me. I'm learning from everyone and every experience.

  • Barack Obama, has a positive and honest messages (2)

  • My teachers and mentors because they have changed my life for the better, in all ways. I am on the path of knowing myself and serving humanity because of them.

  • Pearl Jam, their music speaks to my soul. Check out Gigaton ✌🏼💚PJ

  • Pete Seeger

  • New Republic Of the Heart Team. Providing an epic transformational social experiment online based upon the book of same title. An international group of individuals have dedicated time for 18 months to exploring ideas of Integral Consciousness

  • Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

  • John Engelbrecht

  • Unify

  • My Shaman

  • The Homie G Castro.....because he on my level.

  • REI cares about preservation

  • Awards are not the answer

  • National Bail Out

  • Giovanni Hidalgo

  • Dr Fauci, the voice of reason and sanity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Tim Ballard for saving, protecting & providing aftercare for children who have been trafficked.

  • Brene Brown because she helps people see that everyone is human, all pretending we don't have shame. (3)

  • Eckart Tolle for introducing PRESENCE on a Global Scale

  • Granddaughter; for within her is a light that I am witness too ave & Ras Ben

  • Cornel West

  • Me, for not giving up and working through so much pain and trauma.

  • One Mind Foundation

  • Davidji

  • Lee Carol

  • Children charity. They need our support and kindness

  • Everyone, deserves an award. Because everyone needs to be appreciated no matter what.

  • Robert Kennedy, Jr. for courageously researching and speaking out against the dominant narrative about vaccines

  • Dr. Zach Bush for communicating a perspective on illness and disease that goes against mainstream media's attempt to control through fear

  • A farmer friend who has allowed friends with children to come together on his farm and learn about farm life against current restrictions

  • Harmonic Convergence 2020 organization. Because they have helped the world realize we have not and will not be alone.

  • All the people who let their light shine, regardless of the response or consequences.

  • Deepak Chopra for spearheaded a critical mass for meditation around the world.

  • I would want to give the award to all that is contributing to this leadership as it is no small feat and every one counts! I honor and respect everyone's efforts and loving intentions.

  • Marianne Williamson for the courage to speak her truth

  • Hay House because they promote and publish some of the most helpful leaders I've read or listened to

  • Abraham-Hicks, Nature Conservancy, Native Americans, B-Corp

  • I have been working with the Mayan Calendar and the “Art of Time“ since 2004. I have to say that this is the biggest change that affected my overall perspective on all that is. And so did swimming with wild dolphin pods off the coast of Hawaii in 2008 still resonates to this day.

  • Donald Trump because he is going to be responsible for disclosure which will speed up the process of entering the next density and higher vibration.

  • Chris Dyer or Cole Chance

  • Harmonic Convergence 2020 for collectively bringing people together.

  • Rahn Broady, a local who has opened my eyes to many of the issues that I grapple with, as well as made delicious ice cream for me.

  • Stephen Wong, from what he introduces the human design

  • Deva Premal and Miten. Their love shines through words and songs , so much healing has taken place ,amazing teachers ❤ 💖

  • Eckhart Tolle & Ram Dass for teaching me present moment awareness; Matt Kahn for teaching me to love myself; myself for surviving & because I AM loving awareness & ONE with all that is.

  • KKCR Community Radio - Spreading global awareness

  • NRDC, Friends of the Earth, Earth Justice for defending the planet against political and corporate exploitation

  • Unify and Deva Pemal with Miten - they share the Love and Unity to Us All We Are One and Light Workers

  • Russell James Vitale - rapper/singer who always trusted the power of the universe and manifestation

  • Marianne Williamson

  • Alan Watts

  • Gaia and Ancient Aliens for providing content of the past, the possible and what may come

  • Honestly, the first person who popped into my head is Dave Chappelle. After seeing his 8:46 special and then watching the Sundance "Iconoclasts" episode with Dave and Dr. Maya Angleou...it has been a profound series of truths given to me. Dave was honest, true to himself, full of wonder, respectful, angry, loving....Dr. Angelou and Dave together in conversation was pure Divine Wisdom. The knowledge that has come to me since then has all been connected and I have been able to hear and understand with different ears and a different heart. I am grateful for this mycelium that connects us and that we are beginning to understand the full depth and enormity of that connection for dispersing knowledge, love, and allowing us all to know we are never alone.

  • My mother, she’s came along way.waking up spiritually. It’s greatly appreciated

  • Marianne Williamson, for deep and compassionate honesty, and Celestine Star for dedication and constant service to showing us how to choose the beauty and the light

  • Alternative medicine doctors, because they have guided me and helped me better my physical body which then helps me heal my astral body as well.

  • Medical Medium - Anthony William because he has brought the truth to humanity about how to heal viruses

  • Greta Thunberg for her courageous acts to bring people together to take on global warming. (2)

  • Elizabeth April as she has been very central to my spiritual awakening

  • Honestly Unify and Mark for being courageous enough for the world! We are so afraid.. We shouldn't be 💗

  • Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda - his unconditional love and integrity is life changing. His mission is to raise human consciousness! He is a living Avatar of super consciousness

  • Teal Swan

  • Victor Oddo helped me a lot with his videos and podcasts

  • Bill and Melinda Gates; they are authentic and sincere about their work. Oprah has contributed to the mainstream and open doors to ideas.

  • Ruth B because she makes me feel connected with myself

  • Bob Marley - One Love Global Peace Music

  • Dana Schuerholz of Vashon Greenschool for celebrating and actively honoring what it looks like to be in community and honor yourself, home and the land.

  • Myself bc I put everything into my work that matters to me.

  • The warriors of Standing Rock

  • Dr Deepak Chopra - because over 25 years ago he had the courage to lead a path of enlightenment for the planet & humanity, to recognize we can create our own reality, to live in love & abundance is our natural state

  • Dr Joe Dispenza because he helps with unconditional love and raising our vibration.

  • Dalai Lama

  • All people for being who u are

  • Billy Carson

  • James Gilliland

  • Laura Eisenhower

  • Krista David Roell LeClaire, for being a channel of love and consciousness, courageous in the stance for spirit as reality, honoring and living quietly the virtues of truth and love.


  • Lucia and Pedro - Manhatten Camerata for bringing musical joy into our lives and co creating a life of art together leading by example

  • oooh good question... I have three!!!! lol
    O and O Academy Philosophy and Meditation - they are also working towards a shift in global consciousnessSteven Greer - the work he is doing to bring out the full truth for humanity
    Unify - for supporting Mark Sims with his event and the shift in global consciousness

  • Thank you everyone so so much xo

  • It's tike for world peace. It's very important during this time especially because the world is filled with egoistic desires.
    Of course I'd give it to all of you brilliant and shining folks who are putting on this incredibly uplifting and important event!! THC2020 comes to us at the very moment that so many of us humans are at our most exhausted and wiped out from all we've been experiencing. This conference is the kryptonite we are needing to regain some strength and inspiration.

  • I am deeply grateful to Mark Sims and his guide, Tezjbar, for having the vision, resources, and foresight to create THC2020, and not just for one or two days, but 10 days of intensive downloads of extraordinary Intel sharing about where we've come from, where we are and where we are hopefully heading as a species. Personally, I needed this conference like a drought-stricken plant needs water, for that life-giving water and nourishment. The fact that it is freely offered, with no asks for money in exchange, is another mark of just how high vibration and important this event truly is. MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL for the Harmonic Convergence 2020 event. I am certain the Galactics are here with us through each step, watching and listening with utter delight as we go step by step thru each day until the moment when we all collectively and simultaneously ASK:: Reveal yourselves to us in this Now Moment Please!!!!

  • I'm not alone in intending that moment to be utterly transformational for Humanity.

  • Namaste and Blessings to you ALL!!👏🙏💎💖💞

  • The other day, Jewel featured the Voices of the Siihasin on her facebook. I watched it all day. It was a call to action to help the native population get food to their children. It was a collaboration of artists & musicians that came together for the cause. It was beautiful.

  • The Australien Community for being so accepting and protecting our star family

  • Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science Foundation for helping kick start my awakening into seeking a deeper understanding of the universe and our place in it.

  • All lightworkers shining the way

  • Levi Strauss & Co for putting people and our environment at the forefront of values within the company! They open source all their innovation and sustainable advances within the fashion industry so that other companies can adopt more ethical practices in business as well. They also consistently give back to community and organizations as well as their own Red Tab Foundation which does so much including disaster relief.

  • Tipping Point System via EarthWise Center and SINE Network!

  • Unify for consistently giving thought leaders a platform. It has also allowed me to access a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Unify, because I've been awoken in just 3 days of practicing meditation

  • I would recognize TTSA for their efforts to bring disclosure to the public.

  • To you guys ! Unify ! Thank you for this beautiful platform to bring it all together.. Shout out to my home boy Daryl Henderson!

  • United Religions Initiative www.uri.org because of the wonderful work they do all over the world

  • At this moment I would give more appreciation to individuals like Sasha Stone (and his Earth Project) - Magenta Pixie and others who have been relentless in searching finding and informing.

  • David and Elizabeth Wilcock, Corey Goode, Dannion Brinkley and Emery Smith along with President Trump. For doing what you didn't have to do but what you felt lead to do - so that peace and harmony may reign. I thank you!

  • Climate change organizations and the 13 Grandmothers.

  • I would give it to 'thelightoftheanimalkingdom.org' for their love, compassion and appreciation of the sanctity of all life. For raising awareness, through love and peace, that all life is sacred. 

  • I would give it to myself because one cannot lead others until one leads itself.

  • New Zealand prime minister

  • Currently it is Dr. Joe Dispenza, he is the reason I was able to get "past myself" and look deeper into self love.

  • Many deserve recognition most important to recognize our ability to create bridges

  • Este premio se lo daría a mis amigos del grupo: "YO SOY Unidad Planetaria", porque gracias a ellos pude ir armonizando mi existencia y decidir mejor mis pasos en esta existencia para tomar consciencia hacia el despertar. Y no por último a los guías espirituales de mi amado país, de la comunidad Q'ero, que por medio de la cosmovisión andina, facilitan el modo de iniciarse en una vida conectada con el planeta y el universo. Gratitud infinita

  • My husband. He works just too hard to achieve everything we need to.


Did we miss someone?