In your opinion, what is

the future of AI?


What technology projects and products are helping the consciousness movement?

  • Internet (10)

  • Social media (10)

    • Social media enhances connectivity.

    • Social media where conscious people can express themselves without filters placed by other agencies

    • From my perspective access to various social media platforms via my phone and laptop help me to tap into and connect with like-minded people

  • Wanted: Free Energy!!!! (2)

  • Meditation apps (2)

  • Biowell - A machine to measure our aura, organs and biofield

  • Alternative forms of social media that are free from surveillance.  

  • Not enough of what's possible has been introduced to the mainstream.  

  • Youtube; Facebook; Twitter; Google

  • Free and open internet

  • Neri Oxman: Bio-Architecture

  • Breathing apps

  • Zoom

  • DrFutureShow.com

  • Music

  • Green technology/green energy like solar cell energy technology, technology that cleans the air and water, safe digital meeting places and tools for communication that does not exploit humans. (2)

  • The studies in quantum science and ourselves. Particularly in our mind and emotions. Positive thoughts and emotions to imagination.

  • None so far because they are all in the wrong hands.

  • Machines that provide information such as biofeedback or neurofeedback, any technology that can increase a person's awareness of their brain activity and how it relates to their feeling, thinking, and actions.

  • Recovery of indigenous technologies

  • Penetrating to the essence of money as a share in common equity

  • Shrioms

  • Replika

  • Technology that allows disabled people to fully participate in society.

  •   Can get news to most places on our globe. Meet  plan, and party through Zoom. Tic tock , twitter,FB, I phoned or Androids...drones, things I don't know about."

  • Cellphones

  • Astral travel

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

  • Dr Nassim Haramein

  • Chopra, products that help us meditate better, reach higher vibration.

  • Communication tools and machines to clean up the oceans. Do they have those yet?

  • Google

  • fMRI to show how the brain is when meditating (2)

  • Rife machine!!!

  • Neuroscience

  • Technology within humans do not sacrifice conciseness for a hive mind

  • I don't really know! I guess just the ability to communicate with so many people so quickly and the ability to learn and educate with such ease.

  • Information social networks..we  need more data given from people through apps about issues that matter.

  • Virtual Worlds

  • All scientific research.

  • Peace diaries

  • The technology to help study quantum physics

  • We are here together in this great movement thanks to internet.

  • It’s our choice as people to decide how we use technology. Obviously the internet is helping raise awareness, this project is an example. I don’t use a great deal of technology but I’m not against it either. It’s all about balance and intent.

  • Not sure


  • None... until it's really sustainable and impactless technology... Hope those et's share some

  • Clean energy

  • Nanotechnology and Biorobotics

  • I think internet and social media plays important role in making people realise the importance of being in touch with your conscience and self love

  • Perhaps Google, and people who are optimistic yet cautious about AI. I really like Nick Bostrom's view on the matter. Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamantis, Elon Musk, maybe Jeff Bezos (I read that he'd like to preserve Earth as a sort of national park).

  • Geothermal energy

  • Microbiology and Unified Physics

  • Communication and clean water and energy availability

  • EMT detectors

  • Mama earth’s potions and fruits

  • Again there are many technological devices helping in many areas, the issue is that many of them are the same ones hindering things as well; not through their own intent; but because choices people make.

  • Apps for surveillance and balancing our lifestyle as a civilization.

  • The ability to transfer information so quickly. It's just someone needs to invent a way to tell if it's true or " fake news".

  • Smart Phones and internet. Because you can get information.

  • Cell rejuvenation technologies to restore health. Plant based medicines for mental health and healing. Legalizing hemp for replacing a variety of plastic and textiles for sustainability and decreasing our carbon footprint, mushroom suits for deceased human carcusses so we can quit littering the under earth with boxes, ocean clean up technology...

  • Podcasts

  • Brain mapping

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