What I care most about:


What I care most about:

What are you committed to creating this year?

  • A connection to other dimensions.

  • A New World Order

  • A loving intimate relationship.

  • Better meditation practices.

  • I have no idea! Just trying to stay grounded & calm during the present. Making sure my family & friends feel love, guidance & clarity from me.

  • Further divine understanding.

  • Love (2)

  • Art (2)

  • Well Being

  • I am a Mom of 3 wildling rainbows, committed to creating a life where they can shine their light and grow their gifts. I share the lessons I learn and easy techniques with other moms looking to do the same.

  • Heart and Mind coherence for empowerment of Love in order to Heal myself and Others.

  • A better mindset (2)

  • Continuing to educate myself about the implications of energy, frequency and vibration, and continue to seek my truth so I can better help transcend our collective consciousness

  • Love.

  • A series of children’s book dedicated to the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Courage

  • Self care

  • Harmonious relationships

  • Peace, harmony and justice!

  • Conscious connections

  • More peace (2)

  • Peace and harmony to all people

  • My children

  • Freedom

  • Raising own frequency and assisting others to help raise the frequency of the planet. And conscious contact with our interstellar family to actively engage in Earth’s and Earth’s peoples realise our true nature of being, cosmic peace and a healthy planet.

  • Staying here

  • Connection and healing for all

  • I do not know

  • Abundance in all aspects of my life.

  • Continuing my work and where it will take me.

  • A safe place for at least one homeless person.

  • A way of sharing unity in motion

  • Expanding my consciousness

  • Know even more about consciousness

  • A more positive vibe and environment for myself

  • Compassion

  • Harmony

What about you? Come play.


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Loving, Giving, Serving All

Our mission is to educate and create change towards healing our beautiful planet Gaia, supporting empowerment for sustainability, and creating harmony amongst all beings.



Gathering conscious storytellers and tools of a solution-oriented and positive new narrative for humanity’s future.


Global Awakening Tracker Tracking the growth of consciousness on the planet.


Moving towards peace on earth and fulfillment of the UN SDG's by 2030, UNIFY stewards and facilitates global collective intention, action, & impact to help build a world where all of humanity is unified.


Global Consciousness Project

A project to measure mass intention on the physical world using a set of 70 global random number generators.