• Leap year 1996, a friend and I were sitting at the end of the road, a dead end road, when all of a sudden we were surrounded by lights. My life changed ever since. There’s so much more to my story. I've had many experiences since…  Mont Tremblant Quebec, Canada

  • 11June20. At zenith I saw one bright light, brighter than stars and planets. It came on for a few seconds, went off then maybe 10 to 20 min later back again in the same way, at the same location in the sky. I was in Argyle Canyon near Price Utah participating in a vision quest. - Near Prince, Logan, Utah, USA

  • Envisioning since 1995, the luminous wholeness and energy patterns emerging ladders of ascending and descending encircling. - Iowa City, IA

  • It was about 36 years ago I heard a siren pass over my house. I looked out of my window and I saw 3 large shining globes directly above a house only about 50 metres away. I was scared so I ran and got under my bed covers. Otley, West Yorkshire England

  • Years ago, I was connected to 2 interplanetary groups. One was within a craft at age 5. Later I was told I was given an enhanced gift to heal! Continued to be connected, monitored & protected. I have been with these and many others, especially Pleaidians.  Excited to connect in the physical. (Housebound & unable to get outside to a place where I can see the sky! GREAT BLESSINGS TO ALL!  Our FAMILY IS HERE! Hallelujah!!! We joyfully greet and welcome them. 🕉💫🕉💫 - Tucson, Arizona

  • Robert Bingham summoned UFOs at Disclosurefest. They were distant lights moving in strange formations. I’ve gone to his meetup group since then and have seen lights moving. I can see the close up live images through high powered lenses. Pretty cool. - Los Angeles, California, USA

  • I was stargazing & was greeted by 3 tiny light ships dancing in the sky, I felt a beautiful warm presence, yet also a very fun, silly yet playful energy! I was in New Hampshire, USA for this particular experience knowing that the acceptance of experiences with Star people will become more commonplace as more people have experiences. - San Diego, California USA

  • First experience was at age 13 when a number of light objects were hovering.

  • In Feb 2020 one was hanging in the sky while I was in an aircraft. It then disappeared and reappeared right by my plane.

  • After using the audio transmission I had a light come down very low to ground but kind of far away. Normally when I do make contact at night it's a high altitude vessel that will power up to confirm. This was different, low and really bright white like an LED or arc of light similar to the images some people have posted.

  • Last Saturday I saw a figure 8 made of points of light in the sky. Then I saw a total of 8 distinct moving white points of light, one at a time moving separately (with the exception of the first which turned out to be two points of light moving together) and rather slowly over the course of an hour. The next night I heard 2 trees fall as well as a rhythmic banging. The following night I saw a bright, slow moving white light pass Earth and seem to leave our atmosphere. I saw this with my mother, then 3 more similar slow moving white lights in other directions one at a time. The following night, being day 10, my mother and I saw basically the same bright white light which slowly passed by, with no light ‘tail’, just one single point of light, again seemed to not be in Earth's atmosphere.  It was moving from south to north but not directly overhead. Then we saw a second very similar one north from higher in the sky.

  • A divine shift in my thinking, behavior, in my whole life. I am living a completely different life than before... All I did was party and now all I do is meditate and just want to be the best version of myself and discover spirituality, listen to my soul and be guided by my angels.

  • I was talking with my Acturian friends through this Convergence, they are always very close. I have had some very special contacts in the past with a very special friend from Antares named Eshna.  As well as multiple landings on our property where I grew up.  But it is true you can just send a telepathic message and LOVE and they respond. Thank you so much for this special program I got so much from it.

  • I see colored lights that move quickly, usually in pairs.  I have seen green, and red, and white pairs of lights.  The main place I have seen them is Mount Pleasant area in Wisconsin and Port Washington Wisconsin.

  • I was praying regarding a problem that I had when I saw something in the sky. It was like a very bright pot standing in my patio - very high but very noticeable. It was there for a long time and I was praying all the time and in a few days everything was solved in my life. I had another experience asking mentally something to a specific group of extraterrestrial beings (Friendships in Chile) and in a few hours I got it. I had many other experiences.

  • About 2 or 3 years ago after listening to a PAO webinar about the galactic federation  I took my dog out for a walk. In the north east  I saw  about 7 amber orbs about the size of golf balls in the sky.  There were 3 on top and then 2 lower down and then 1 underneath in a kind of V shape and another one more to the right. After a while 2 from the V disappeared and then 2 more. A little later they were there again. Then they started to disappear again 2 at a time until only one was left. Then one more came back and they slowly moved off to the east. I live near Niagara Falls in Canada. I didn't see anything during THC.

  • Several experiences: 1. Being fixed to the spot, filled and surrounded by 'light', crown chakra opened, palms and soles of feet, old energy out, light energy in.  2. Fell to the ground, out of my body, willed myself back in. Felt 'beings' either side of my head 'working on my brain/neurology/memory bank'. Memories flooded, this life, past life etc. I had bald patches on both sides of my head where the beings had worked on me to heal and release my memories.  3. Awoke at 3.15 one night and could feel something very subtle, not just above my house but right over my own town.  The vibrations were so subtle but I felt them in every cell of my body, I also felt the vastness of the 'circle of vibration' above my town and after that I also noticed a LOT of changes in the consciousness of the people around.  Suddenly, they became aware of Crystals, Colour, Vibrational healing etc ... and I felt I had played and was still playing a big part in raising that consciousness ... without actually DOING anything ... but simply by TELEPATHY.  I am a medical secretary but wasn't working then. 

  • I regularly have connection with my helpers/guides not living on the earth (ET's, including celestial beings including Tezjbar and those existing with him and I believe 4 other groups that live near his group. I'm always connected to Heavenly Father and Mother, Creator God, Jesus Christ etc. Some of these including Tezjbar came and visited me physically or in spirit form and having my permission, entered my body frequently daily and nightly, healing and upgrading me and my body and mind. This started right before the first 2020 convergence gathering to the present. 

  • I also have been integrating a lot of past lives that had not been cleared and integrated previously all of the times this has happened with other past lives of my Spirits experiences. During these integrations when the light beings entered or were in me they made these clearing and integrating of my past or other life aspects easier as a whole than it has ever been collectively before. It usually can make me feel like I have the flu and sometimes has been quite painful. This happens when some of the lower vibrational past life me's and some of the past life ET aspects of me that are very different from the humanoid me first come to be cleared or to be made compatible with me and then integrated. Some of my spirit eternal companion's incarnations also integrate with me. Doing the HU while emitting energy from our hands that Mark Sims was inspired with on the night July 17th meditation, also helps. I let this energy from my hands/ voice surround and penetrate my body as well as offer some of it up as a grateful gift offering.

  • In 2018 I saw a massive craft one evening in December at 10 pm. I was with my son. I tried to take pics but my phone that was 100 percent charged completely died. It was Triangular with bright lights on the corners, hovering back and forth ...very low ...looked like black on black with the night sky.  The third day into the harmonic convergence program, I was driving around the same corner in the daytime and saw a massive cloud shaped like a saucer in the same place I had my experience. Not really any other clouds in the sky. I did take pictures.

  • Earlier on the way to town, I saw 'round clouds' over our car on IN/OH turnpike which happens occasionally - know & feel.  Earlier this year, 'The Fleet Is In' so 'they' say.  The Lemurian Angels have arrived. Watch things change. Otherwise, constant contact is the norm here, on 'good' days.  And admittedly 'bad days' not so much.  So... staying centered and present with all this, as an awakened StarSeed Hybrid can… n.e. IN, Sacred Site & Grid Node: Tarajories, www.tarajories.com USA

  • All I can say is I just found out about this Harmonic Convergence yesterday, but I participated in the HC in 1987. A few weeks ago, I saw two strange UFOs in the sky. Rectangular in shape but hanging vertical in the sky. They were shiny and moved slowly. I followed them for 15 minutes but then they disappeared. Was it Starlink satellites? Maybe. I don't know. They were silent and floated across the sky, stayed close to a thin cloud and moved in and out. Last night I woke up at 4:30am and meditated. I saw Venus in the sky and she sure was bright. I didn't see anything else but was too tired to walk outside. - Cold Spring, New York, USA

  • In 2002 me and 3 other friends saw a giant triangular ship hovering above San Diego in silence. It was a couple football fields big. - San Diego, California, USA

  • My wife and I live in a small community outside Sedona, Arizona. We often lay down in our hammock to see the stars at night. We have seen on several occasions an object that moves erratically and blinks different times and brightness. - Sedona, Arizona, USA

  • A few times in life, I saw ships at night that landed outside my window. One time I was pulled into the ship. They stun-gunned me with a gentle touch. They were checking my emotional body out. Not my physical body.  - USA

  • I have had numerous experiences... I am just now deciding to do something about this instead of keeping everything inside. Besides my family and close friends, this is the first place I have shared even a tiny piece of my story. This particular incident happened in southern Oregon. I was reclining in my bed in the evening practicing meditation when a voice said, “LOOK TOWARD THE DOOR”. It spoke directly to my mind. I turned and saw a being about 3 or 3.5 feet tall materialize through the wall where the door is. It entered without any visible stride like it was on one of those people movers at the airport or the rolling counter at the supermarket checkout. It just glided in. I instantly noticed three things simultaneously. Firstly, that it moved with no visible stride and secondly that I could not make out any features at all. It almost seemed like a shadow. Thirdly, I became instantly aware that I had absolutely zero fear whatsoever. And not just fear... I realized I had no emotional reaction whatsoever. My consciousness was in a state of pure awareness and observation. The being proceeded straight through the door into my room, made a 90 degree turn toward my bed and came right up to the edge of it. Our faces were literally inches away from each other! I saw that it seemed to try to keep going forward to reach me, but (for some reason!) the bed was stopping it. I got a sense that it was like a remote control car someone was driving into a wall. The split second I made this observation, out of the CEILING starting by the door, and following the EXACT same path and trajectory as the being, a TUNNEL materialized. It was almost like one of those warp tunnels in super mario. It moved along my ceiling and made a 90 degree turn until it was directly over me. Instantly as soon as it was in position, I began rising out of my bed and through the room. My vision was just moving up, up, up... so smoothly.... almost like I was riding some invisible elevator. I did NOT try to move, I did not look down, I did not want to disturb the experience in any way. The last thing I remember is that I was going through the ceiling. The next thing I know, I'm coming to the next morning. I regain consciousness after a sensation of spinning around or tumbling over and over, and passing through something that felt like light snow... When I ‘awoke’ I felt like I was in a totally altered state. I couldn't remember ANYTHING although I had a sense that I had been somewhere with lights, spinning lights, and that my brother was there. But I couldn't remember any of it. I stumbled out of bed, quite disoriented, and I had to go to work. I walked into the kitchen. I couldn't really speak. I felt so weird. My mom was sitting at the counter having coffee. Neither of us said anything. I thought she might notice I wasn't being normal so I felt like I needed to say good morning so she wouldn't know something was wrong. "Good morning," I said. She held up her hand like a stop sign. "I can't talk right now. I just had a very strange dream about you and your brother." Now I didn't do the OBVIOUS thing! I didn't ask her anything. I could barely talk. It was like I was on autopilot. I had to go to work, and by the time the day was over, I was starting to feel like my brain state was returning to normal. As soon as I got home I went straight to my mother and said, "Mom, you need to tell me about this dream you had last night about me and Charles." She looked at me with a totally blank expression and said, "What dream? I didn't have any dreams."

  • Same as the past 3+ years. No meditation needed really, not since the first.  Seem to just stay "plugged in".  Trying to keep matters that way.  Note: I never sought contact.  They "drafted" me over a 5-year period before I ever attempted CE-5. I'm okay with that. - Memphis, Tennessee, USA 

  • In Oct 2014 I lived at the foot of the SAWTOOTH MOUNTAINS where I received a similar spectacular visit. I feel ""watched over"" and CONNECTED and OH! SO Dia-LIGHTED. NAMASTE

  • I felt the presence of partnership, of communication that was well known to me, honed over the last decade of awareness and interaction.

  • I always see a light in the sky. I know it's not a star or a satellite. It stays there for a long time then it will be gone and I look for it and its somewhere else. I live in Hawaii so on the 14th it was still daylight and I didn’t see anything . But on the 13th I saw a ball of light.

What did you experience?